Ealing Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

Ealing Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme

The programme will cover the Easter, Summer, and Christmas holidays in 2021. For a minimum of 1 week at Easter, 1 week at Christmas and 4 weeks in the Summer of 2021, for 4 hours per day, 4 days per week.

Saturday Club

With the support from social services Ealing Mencap have recently launched a Saturday Club service for young people with SEND aged 14 – 18 years old. There are a few spaces left and who would like to join our group and try team activities such as:

– visiting local attractions

– mini golf

– bowling

– cinema

– sports

– companion cycling and more

Attendance is FREE for young people not eligible for social care support. We are based in West Ealing.

Covid-19 vaccinations

Head Teacher:  Ms. Gillian Carver

Dear Parents/Carers                                                                               07.10.21

We have heard this afternoon that Northwest London NHS have agreed to carry out Covid-19 vaccinations for St Ann’s students at school next Tuesday (12.10.21)

We have sent you a SchoolComms with a link to a Google form so that you can inform school if you wish to take up this offer for your young person. It is important that you complete and return this form as soon as possible so that the correct number of vaccines can be ordered.

First vaccinations are offered to all students aged 12 plus and second vaccinations are offered to all students aged 16 plus who have previously had their first vaccine.

If you indicate that you want your young person to have the vaccine you will in a later question be asked to give your formal consent for this procedure.

Please note that parents/carers are not required to be present for the vaccination, as your young person will be supported during the procedure and carefully monitored afterwards, by school staff.

For your information we enclose a UK Health Security Agency leaflet on Covid vaccinations for young people with this letter.

Please contact the school office if you have any queries.

Kind regards

Gillian Carver


Dear Parents/ Carers

Thank you for your support and patience during the last week of disruption and school closure.

We are looking forward to all the students returning on Monday 4th October.

Please note the following information.

Students with colds and other respiratory infectionsMany thanks to Parents/Carers who have followed earlier advice this term to keep their young person at home, until the symptoms clear if they have a cold or other respiratory infection. This is because the initial symptoms of Covid-19 can mirror colds etc and this helps to reduce potential transmission amongst the rest of the school. If a student does come into school with a respiratory infection the nursing team will immediately contact you so that arrangements can be made to get the young person home.
Second Covid vaccinations for students aged 16 plusIf your young person had their first Covid-19 vaccination on 16.07.21 at Greenford Hall supported by school staff, we are expecting to be allocated a date in the week beginning 11.10.21 for the second vaccination. We will inform you as soon as we receive this information from NHS North West. In the meantime if you are concerned you may want to book an earlier appointment and take your young person yourself to a public session at a vaccination centre
First Covid vaccinations for students aged 12 plusYounger students aged 12 plus will also be able to have their first Covid-19 vaccination at a private St Ann’s session during the week beginning 11.10.21 Parents/Carers will need to give signed permission. Further information and precise details will be forwarded as soon as we receive them.
Open Evening Thursday 7th OctoberFollowing the recent cluster of Covid cases we are re-introducing more stringent Covid secure measures across school and as a part of this we are not having visitors on site for the next two weeks. Open Evening scheduled for thisThursday 07.10.21 will therefore take place via Zoom or a telephone conversation and the class teacher will be in touch with you shortly to arrange this.  

Please contact the school office if you have any queries. Although I have to stay at home and self isolate until Wednesday evening I will remain in close contact with Timmy Holdsworth, Deputy Headteacher and the office team and I will of course be happy to clarify any of the above with you. 

Yours sincerely

Gillian Carver



Return to School

Please click on this link to provide updated information about your student. School is open on Monday. Thank you Gillian


Dear Parents/Carers

Further to the SchoolComms message sent out earlier today I am writing to outline the rationale behind the decision taken this afternoon by the London Coronavirus Response Cell (LCRC), Public Health Ealing, the Local Authority and school leaders to keep St Ann’s closed until Monday 4th October.

  • Students attending St Ann’s are more vulnerable than other young people to serious illness as a result of contracting Covid-19 and we have a heightened duty of care to take appropriate and proportionate measures to reduce that risk.
  • An extended period of school closure will prevent close contact between and amongst the student and staff groups and will ‘nip transmission in the bud’ so that we don’t risk an out of control Covid outbreak.
  • It is extremely difficult to ascertain the infection status of the majority of St Ann’s students because they can not easily undergo PCR tests.
  • Before the school closure there was a growing number of students presenting with upper respiratory infections which could be the beginning of Covid-19. This group of young people and other asymptomatic students will now be at the end of any potential infectious period by the time they return to school on 04.10.21 again reducing the possibility of future transmission.
  • It was felt that it was in everyone’s best interests to have some certainty about when school would re-open rather than having to wait for a decision on a day by day basis.

During this period of closure school will review and re-introduce, initially for a two week period, some of the Covid secure measures adopted during the height of the pandemic such as bubbles and one way systems. In addition the health agencies will consider the feasibility of PCR testing of students in school (with parental permission) and the October ‘on site’ vaccination date for St Ann’s students aged 12 plus will be confirmed.

Once students return to school parents/carers will be reminded of their responsibility in ensuring that their young person does not attend school if they are presenting with any upper respiratory infections.

Finally St Ann’s Governors and I would like to take this opportunity to again apologise for the disruption that school closures inevitably cause to our young people’s education as well as to family life. However, we believe that by taking these actions now, we can mitigate against the worst case scenarios of Covid-19 infection and look forward to a more normal pattern of school attendance in the near future.

Please email adminmail@st-anns.ealing.sch.uk if you would like to raise any concerns relating to the current situation.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Carver



Dear Parents/Carers

I am extremely sorry that St Ann’s remains closed to all students and all but a skeleton of office and premises staff tomorrow, Tuesday 28th September.

This is because we have a cluster of Covid-19 positive cases in the Telstar provision (3 staff) and in the main building (2 staff). Unfortunately this now includes myself and Mary (Deputy Headteacher).

Throughout the day discussions have continued with Public Health England, Public Health Ealing the Local Authority and the Chair of Governors and it has been agreed that school should remain closed, with a further meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. 

This is necessary because it remains unknown as to the current incidence of Covid infection within the student population because the majority of young people are not able to take a PCR test. This course of action also provides additional time for the receipt of outstanding staff PCR test results. 

The main aim of everyone concerned is to contain this recent outbreak and not place more students, their families and staff at risk. As you are aware this is particularly important given the extreme vulnerability of many of our students, their unvaccinated status and the very real risk of serious and potentially life threatening illness.

We apologise for and do not underestimate the disruption that the closure of St Ann’s is causing to many parents/carers who are trying to go to work and to get other children to school etc. In partnership with the Local Authority and the designated Health Authorities we will do everything possible to re-open school as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Carver



Dear Parents/Carers

It is with great sadness that I am writing to inform you about the death of one of our students in Venus Class. She contracted Covid in July and following admission to the West Middlesex Hospital she was transferred to the Royal Brompton Hospital, where following a heroic struggle, she died last night surrounded by her family.

Whilst at this devastatingly sad time we want to uphold the privacy of her family I know that you will want to join with me in extending our condolences, prayers and offers of support to her mother, father, sisters and all those who knew and loved her.  

Although St Ann’s will be a much poorer place without her we will always treasure the eight years that she spent with us and particularly her enthusiasm, her energy, her kindness and her sense of pride in all that she achieved.

Whilst we are all heartbroken at St Ann’s we know that we were so privileged to have known her and worked with her. She taught us such a lot about living and what really matters in life.   




Dear Parents/Carers

As many of you are aware we have on two different occasions over the last week had a member of staff in the same class group testing positive for Covid-19. This then sets into motion a whole chain of events affecting students, parents and staff.

Following contact with Ealing Schools Health and Safety and the Public Health Team, schools are required to inform the DfE about any new Covid positive cases. 

For Special Schools the DfE Threshold is, ‘2 children, pupils, students and staff, who are likely to have mixed closely, test positive for Covid-19 within a 10-day period’.

Once the DfE Threshold is met this triggers the involvement of the London Coronavirus Response Cell (LCRC).

The LCRC then carries out a risk assessment based on an interview with the Headteacher and a completed data collection form and if necessary the case is scaled up to a LCRC Consultant Physician who can review the actions already taken by the school and offer more specialist advice.

This is exactly what happened at St Ann’s on Thursday 23.09.21 We were informed about the second staff Covid case at 8.30am necessitating a large number of close contact staff to immediately leave site to have a PCR test and for students in the affected classes to be returned home. Please note that this was not because the students had to self isolate, young people below the age of 18 years and 6 months are no longer required to self isolate, but it was because their highly specialist staff were not available to work with them and we did not have appropriate staff available to cover.

During our discussions the LCRC recognised the extreme vulnerability of St Ann’s students given that many have complex medical conditions and suppressed immune systems and that as a cohort, people with complex profound to severe learning difficulties are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill as a result of contracting Covid-19, particularly if they are not yet vaccinated.

The LRC agreed that St Ann’s action of requiring close contact staff to immediately have a PCR test was appropriate and proportionate to the potential risk and was in accord with the GOV.UK general advice for close contacts:

‘You will be advised to have a PCR test as soon as possible’

‘In addition to getting a PCR test you may also consider limiting contact with anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable’

(NHS Test and Trace : what to do if you are contacted : 17 August 2021)

The LCRC also agreed that St Ann’s close contact staff should receive a negative PCR test result prior to returning to work and advised that subsequently close contact staff should have a LFD antigen test every day for ten days following their last contact with the case.

Please be assured that we are continuing to do everything possible to ensure that St Ann’s remains Covid secure and fully operational. Any decision resulting in students missing school is only taken after all other avenues have been exhausted. However the health and safety of everyone on site has to remain our paramount concern and when whole class teams of staff become unavailable, as in this situation because they were close contacts, the safest course of action is to temporarily close the affected classes to students.

Please note that St Ann’s is open again to all students on Monday (27.09.21) and please do contact me if you would like to further discuss any of the above.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Carver



Dear Parents/Carers

We’re now in the third full week of term and students are becoming much more settled with the routines of school and their individual classes and we’re looking forward to a very productive Autumn term.

Last week students thoroughly enjoyed engaging with our sixties Festival on The Field, complete with ice cream van and live performers and on Friday we remembered the important work of Jeans for Genes and we all showed off our denim. Many thanks to everyone who sent in donations and for the impressive range of outfits and accessories worn by our students on these two days. We have many beautiful photos!

Please also note the following information

Open EveningWe originally intended to hold this on Thursday 30th September but this has now been changed to Thursday 7th October between 5pm and 7.30pm. A letter will be sent home tomorrow inviting you to book an appointment with your young person’s class teacher. 
Covid vaccinations for students aged 12 plus (including vaccinations for older students) It has now been confirmed that vaccinations will take place on the school site before 05.11.21 We will shortly be advised as to the date that NW London NHS has allocated to St Ann’s and will then forward you further information.
Students with colds and other respiratory infections

In order to maintain Covid secure arrangements it is essential that students who present with colds, sinus infections, sore throats, coughs etc remain at home until they are better and have a PCR test if possible. This is because the early stages of Covid can resemble a heavy cold and related symptoms and there is no way of differentiating between the two. Staff are also obliged to follow this advice and immediately undergo a PCR test if they develop an upper respiratory infection.On rare occasions this may result in school having to operate St Ann’s Class Closure Policy when a particular class has to temporarily close (see website About Us, Policies, Class Closure) because there are not enough staff to deliver the curriculum and keep students safe.If a young person does come into school with a cold the nursing team will immediately contact you to collect him/her as we cannot risk compromising the health of the many highly vulnerable students within school and the staff who work with them. 

Please contact the school office or myself if you have any queries on any of the above.

Kind regards

Gillian Carver