Letter to families 22.02.21

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope that this letter finds you well and that you remain in good spirits as we (hopefully!) near the end of this phase of the National Lockdown.

It has been a pleasure to welcome students to school again this morning following the half term break. We have 44 students attending school today and we hope that many more families will feel confident enough to allow their young person to resume school in the coming weeks. We are all eagerly awaiting the Prime Minister’s announcements this afternoon on the road map out of Lockdown but in the meantime please note the following information.

1. Vaccinations for parents/carers who are in receipt of Carers Allowance.
Please see the attached letter received over the weekend from NHS North West London. Carers who receive Carers Allowance are now being prioritised for Covid-19 vaccinations at either the Wembley or Ealing Vaccination Centres. Many of our parents/carers will be in this category and we would strongly advise you to follow the link and book an appointment as soon as possible.
2. Staff vaccinations
Special School staff in Ealing have also been prioritised for vaccination by NHS North West London. The majority of St Ann’s staff were vaccinated at the Wembley Vaccination Centre from 21.01.21 onwards
3. Student vaccinations 
Covid-19 vaccinations are currently only authorised for adults. A few of our students aged 18 and 19 have already been vaccinated through their GP surgeries because of their vulnerable status. We are making enquiries to see if all of St Ann’s adult students could be vaccinated at school so that the experience is as stress free as possible. Families would of course have to give permission for their young person to receive the vaccine. We will keep you informed as to whether this request is authorised in the coming weeks.
4. Covid secure arrangements 
We continue to maintain all of our Covid secure arrangements to ensure that school is as safe as possible for all students and staff. This includes: Twice weekly Lateral Flow Tests available to all staff. Staff continuing to wear full PPE, surgical masks, gloves and aprons.Students and class teams allocated to three bubbles, the East Building, the West Building and the new Telstar building. Social distancing and one-way systems adhered to as much as possible. High level of cleaning at the end of each day and ongoing cleaning throughout the school day of high-frequency touch areas. Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitiser. Well ventilated rooms and maximum occupancy notices for each room.Ongoing monitoring of student’s health by our nursing team.

Please ring the school office if you have any queries about any of the above. I will write again shortly once we have received updated government guidance about the return of all children and young people to school.

In the meantime keep safe, enjoy the first glimmers of Spring and look forward to the return of a little bit of normality in the coming weeks.

Yours sincerely


Information for Parents/Carers on how to contact Social Services

Children with Disabilities Team(Office hours)Students aged from 11 years of age and up to 18 years of age020 8825 7072 Use this number if you do not have a named social worker. You will be put through to a Duty SW
Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities.(Office hours)Students aged 18 years and above020 8566 2360 Use this number if you do not have a named social worker. You will be put through to a Duty SW

If you need to contact social services out of hours the numbers to ring are 020 8825 5000 or 020 8825 8000

Thursday 10th December 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I am sincerely sorry that St Ann’s has had to close from today Thursday 10th December until the first day of the Spring Term Tuesday 5th January.

This is because we have had seven positive cases of Covid-19 since the beginning of December necessitating many students and staff to self-isolate. 

Yesterday we only had 30 students in school and more than two thirds of the staff team were sick or self-isolating including both Deputy Heads, both Assistant Heads, several teachers and many teaching assistants.

Following discussion earlier today with the Local Authority, Public Health England and the Chair of the Governing Body the difficult decision to close St Ann’s was taken because the health and safety of everyone in the school community could not be maintained in these circumstances.

Please note that if your young person develops any Covid related symptoms in the next few days and has a positive test it is very important that St Ann’s is informed so that we can quickly identify any school based close contacts.

To do this please ring this dedicated number 020 3920 8826 between 9am and 5pm. It will go straight to answer phone but then myself or a Deputy Headteacher will ring you back to obtain further details. This will really help to keep everyone safe.

Also you may like to take a look at St Ann’s new website for some Home Learning activities that you can enjoy with your young person. Click on the green Home Learning button towards the bottom of the Home page and select your young person’s class group. Staff will also be adding some additional activities in the next few days.

Yours sincerely

Gillian Carver