Leaver’s Programme

From the moment a student enrols at St Ann’s the relentless focus is always on how best to prepare each individual young person for a rewarding and high quality adult life. Through nurturing each student and equipping students with a range of skills appropriate to their
developmental level, St Ann’s graduates at age 19, are happy, confident young people, with high self esteem, who are able to communicate their needs, make choices and impact on the world around them.
Students have an extensive range of opportunities throughout their time at St Ann’s to develop their communication, social interaction, self help, self occupancy and ‘keeping safe’ skills both within school and within the local and wider community.

St Ann’s Senior Education Social Worker along with other members of the multidisciplinary team, ensures that upon leaving St Ann’s, no students are NEETs (Not in Education, Employment and Training). All have a package of support consisting of specialist FE College provision, and social care provision appropriate to their needs.
St Ann’s strives to track Leaver students to the age of 25 years and provide on-going support to receiving institutions/services and families as requested.