Dear Parents/Carers

We have been asked to provide information on which St Ann’s students have already received their Covid-19 vaccinations. This data will strengthen our request to enable students to be vaccinated at school (subject to parental permission) in the coming months.

If your young person is not yet eligible, because of their age, to receive a vaccine it would be helpful to know if you will give permission at a future time.

Please click on the link below to complete the short Google form or ring the school office if you require any assistance.

It would be very helpful to have received all responses by Friday 28th May.

Many thanks for your help with this and every good wish for a very pleasant weekend.

Kind regards


Vaccination Form

Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme information for parents

See below workshops for parents and carers

Letter to families 26.03.21

Dear Parents/Carers

The days are lengthening, British Summer Time is just around the corner and it’s almost time for the Easter holidays to begin!

We have had a happy and productive Spring term and it has been such a pleasure to have an increasing number of students back in school each week and to once again feel the positive energy and enthusiasm that our young people collectively bring to St Ann’s. We are greatly looking forward to the last remaining small group of students returning to school in April so that we finally have a ‘full house’.

Please note the following information

Wednesday 31.03.21Last day of term and an earlier finish time

Buses will pick up students from school at 2pm 

Please make sure someone is at home to receive your young person at this earlier time
Monday 19.04.21First day of Summer term

All students are expected back in school

Please ring the school office if your young person is unable to attend for any reason
Covid-19 Self Test Kits(These are for use on students who are not showing any signs of Covid-19 ie they are asymptomatic)A pack of three tests is being sent home in a sealed box with this letter

An instruction leaflet is inside the box

If you feel that your young person can cope with safely having a test, please carry out the test on Sunday 18.04.21 ie the day before he/she returns to school.

If the test is negative no further action is necessary and your young person should start back to school

If the test is positive you must report your result to the NHS (see page 15 of the instruction leaflet) and you will be given further information on the next steps to take. The whole family must then self isolate in accordance with current national guidance.

Remember these are voluntary tests but the government strongly recommends that they are regularly carried out.

Further test kits will be sent out by the school in the coming weeks. Please ring the school and speak to the nursing team if you have any queries.

If your young person is not currently in school but you would like a self-test kit please make arrangements to pick one up from the school office. 
Reports on student progress during the Spring termThese are being sent home by class teams next week

Many thanks for your ongoing support throughout the spring term. Please be assured that the education, health, safety and well being of your young person remains our highest priority at all times and every good wish for a peaceful and happy Easter break. 

Yours sincerely

Gillian Carver


Information for Parents/Carers on how to contact Social Services

Children with Disabilities Team(Office hours)Students aged from 11 years of age and up to 18 years of age020 8825 7072 Use this number if you do not have a named social worker. You will be put through to a Duty SW
Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities.(Office hours)Students aged 18 years and above020 8566 2360 Use this number if you do not have a named social worker. You will be put through to a Duty SW

If you need to contact social services out of hours the numbers to ring are 020 8825 5000 or 020 8825 8000