GDPR Part 2

Who is responsible for data protection? 

One of the key changes in new regulations is that all organisations, including schools,  have to ​show accountability.​ This means the School and all its employees ​have to be  responsible ​for safeguarding other peoples’ personal data.   


Schools have to be proactive in showing accountability - including through training and  raising awareness amongst staff.     All staff​ are responsible for taking steps to safeguard personal information.

Some  steps you can take are: 

● Create strong ​passwords​ for devices; 

● Lock away​ / put documents out of sight when you are not using them; 

● Ensure School ​visitors​ are supervised; 

● Be aware of email and telephone ​scams​ phising for personal information.       




 Reflective Task: 

● What security measures do you have in place to protect: 

1) Your sensitive information? 

2) Personal information of pupils and/or colleagues?   

● Think of ways that you could change your current practice in order to further comply with GDPR in school. What will you change?

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