Kirstie Ferrett - Parent Governor


I have been a parent governor since 2013 my daughter is a student in a SLD (Severely Learning Disabled) class at the school. 


I have always been very proactive in helping parental views to be heard and am a long time member of the Ealing Parents Carer Forum speaking out on issues that effect our young people and their families on local authority steering groups and at consultation meetings.


 The school and teaching team are constantly evolving to meet the needs of the students and recognise the fact that parents, carers and families are an important part of our students life time learning, so for me, being a Governor allows me a closer link with the school and the chance to support them whilst keeping a parental view at the forefront of the governing body decision making. 

Richard Ferrett - Co-Opted Governor


I have been a co-opted governor since 2015 and my daughter started as a student at St Anns in 2013.


I am Estates Director for an independent school in Ealing and previously have been a quantity surveyor for a large building company that have undertaken projects around the London area. As such I understand what is involved in the running of a premises like St Anns and make myself available if advice is needed from someone who can give a considered point of view.


I don't get to see school events as often as I would like due to work commitments but when I do I am always struck by the commitment and enjoyment that the students have which is a great advert for the teaching team that St Anns have.


St Ann's School
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