SchoolComms 07.10.21

URGENT First Covid vaxx for students age 12+ and second Covid vaxx for students aged 16+ will take place at St Ann’s next Monday or Tuesday. Please click on the link

The flu vaccination session will take place on the 1st of December

​Below is the Nasal Flu Information Pack, this includes a letter, leaflet and consent form.  

For your information:

  • The vaccine is not an injection, it is a nasal spray and is given as a spray into each nostril
  • The vaccine contains gelatine that comes from pork as one of its additives.  
  • If any parents have any queries or questions regarding the vaccine please could you direct them to contact the immunisation team on 01895 485740.
  • On the day of the session we will then only require the children who have completed and returned a consent form to attend the session, accompanied by a member of staff who can identify them.