The Christmas cards have arrived!

Christmas cards from Da-You Elementary School in Taiwan arrived right before the end of the term. Everyone was amazed by the details of the cards received. Staff also received special wooded Christmas tree decorations designed by the Year 6 students of Da-You.

Thank you very much for brightening up our holiday!

Travelling to Paddington

Learning about British lifestyle, the students have been reading stories about the Paddington Bear.
They watched the movie eating popcorn. They also explored different flavours (orange and marmalade). We worked with the West Ambassadors of MTR to arrange a journey to Paddington Station by train. In the station, we toured around to find Paddington Bear. Students also watched and listened to the trains. Everyone had a great time at the station. Many thanks to the ambassadors of MTR for accompanying us. All students received special gifts (bears and keyrings) from MTR at the end of the journey.

Making Christmas Cards
It’s the second year we exchange Christmas cards with Da-You Elementary School in Taiwan. Students decorated the Christmas cards in different styles. We also included some colourful leaves from school and the local parks in the Christmas cards, as well as articles of the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Salma’s Egyptian and Sudanese Meal

This week’s community meal focuses on some of Salma’s Favourite dishes from the Arabic Community in Egypt and Sudan.
The Kitchen team is cooking Mashi – Vine leaves and vegetables stuffed with rice, tomatoes and parsley. Bamia, an Okra and tomato stew. All served with Tabbouleh and Fattoush.
For dessert we are making homemade rice pudding flavoured with Mastica (a crystalized Tree Sap).
Thank you to Salma for sharing her food with us.


Recently, we were lucky to have in school a Colourscape installation. The students were able to immerse in light and sound using sensors.

Rachel, the amazing dance monitor, also ran a workshop in the hall.

Chaitali’s Rajasthani Meal

This week’s community meal focuses on some of Chaitali’s Favorite dishes from Rajasthan.
The Kitchen team are cooking Aloo Methi – a delicious dish of potatoes with fenugreek, garlic and cumin. Also a Delicious curry made of yogurt thickened with gram flour and tempered with curry leaves (Kadi).
For dessert we have homemade Semolina Halwa flavoured with cardamom and nutmeg.

Thank you to Chaitali for sharing her food with us.
Aloo Methi, Kadi and Rice (Mustard, Dairy)
Semolina Halwa (Gluten, Dairy)

The Kitchen Team – Grace, Alex and Rajeswary

West London Arts Inclusive Arts Festival 2021

Wednesday 9th June 2021 was a very special day at St.Ann’s . 

The sky was blue , the sun shone, the drone flew ,students and staff dressed in all their sixties gear and as part of The West london Inclusive Arts Festival we celebrated ‘Peace and Love’ !

As part of our theme ‘ Time Tales ‘, we spent a joyous morning , dressing-up, dancing , singing , making music ,marching, drumming, laughing , watching, call and responding ,eating a wonderful multi-coloured lunch and as a whole school, creating a huge, beautiful rainbow on the playground ! In the afternoon , we all spread out around our rainbow to celebrate our achievement and to sing our Sixties theme tune ‘Peace and Love’.It was a very special day.

We hope you enjoy watching our film , looking at the photos and singing along to ‘Peace and Love ** !

18.5.21 Trip to Holly Lodge

After 15 months without school trips, we are finally are beginning to reach out to the community again. Students and staff of Jupiter and Titan visited The Holly Lodge Centre last week for the workshop Mission Invertebrate. Students explore the nature trail using their senses to discover the jobs of invertebrates.

26.05.21 June half term supermarket vouchers for free school meals

If your child is eligible for benefits-related Free School Meals, Ealing Council will be providing a supermarket voucher ahead of May half term to support you to meet food costs over the school holiday, as they have done in the past. Please check your email for the link to download the vouchers in the next few days.

6.5.21 Eid Mubarak!

To all families who will be celebrating Eid-al Fitr

As the end of Ramadan fast approaches it would be really helpful if you could indicate whether or not your young person will be attending school on Wednesday and/or Thursday next week. This will enable us to plan staffing levels appropriately to ensure that the needs of all our young people are met.

Many thanks


30.04.21 We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to the gentleman who made a donation towards the school today. A member of staff was given the generous donation outside Sainsbury’s, West Ealing, today. Although he didn’t give his name, we are very grateful for this kind gesture. Thank you!

30.4.21 This week we enjoyed our first Community Meal.

Troy kindly picked his favourite Taiwanese foods, the main was Three Cup Chicken (or vegan version), a delicious braised chicken dish flavoured with Soy Sauce, Sesame oil and Thai basil. Served alongside jasmine rice and greens.   

For dessert we had homemade fresh silken tofu, drenched in cool ginger syrup.

Hats off to the kitchen for an amazing dish and thanks to Troy!

17.3.21 We’ve been planting!

Many thanks to the Tree Council

12.3.21 The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment came to visit us this week for a beautiful performance

22.1.21 This last Christmas we had a card interchange with Da-You Elementary School in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Below you can see some of the lovely cards we made and received!

The new Telstar has opened!

St Ann’s prides itself on being a highly inclusive school. It has a long history of including students with extremely complex behavioural needs through supportive and positive behavioural management strategies.

In November 2015 building on our wealth of collective practice and informed by research, we ‘launched’ Telstar class which offered a highly personal, nurturing, child-centred approach for eight students, facilitated through a cohesive, experienced team providing 1:1 support.

Timetable, structure and routine no longer shaped the learning day. Instead a variety of motivating, multisensory based activities were constantly available, with students being free to choose to participate or not. This student led, play based, low demand learning approach enabled students to feel more relaxed and consequently they quickly became more motivated to engage. Over time they made substantial gains in their ability to self regulate, to communicate and to interact with staff and with each other.

This innovative provision was so successful that in July 2019, funded by the Local Authority a £1.6M RCL build project began on site to create a high specification, purpose built Telstar for up to 15 young people. This was to replace the double portacabins that had previously housed Telstar students and staff. 

In September 2020, in spite of inevitable delays caused by the Covid pandemic, the new Telstar provision was finally opened to students. We are delighted with our new facilities and the part we played in helping to design them. Telstar is truly designed and built around the very special needs of our young people. It is light, airy and welcoming and has a fluidity of design that enables students to see what is going on around them so that they are encouraged to be curious, to participate and to achieve. Telstar boasts highly specialist lighting with colour wash options, a large teaching hall, an Audio Visual room, an elevated soft play area, a cinema corner, a wet classroom, a therapy room, and a large, well equipped life skills area. There is easy access to the outside space which is surrounded by beautiful mature trees. The grounds have been carefully landscaped and include grassy areas, decking, swings, a covered sand area and a sunken trampoline. 

Telstar students are responding very positively to their new provision which greatly enhances the delivery of their bespoke curriculum pathway ie ‘learning to be,’ to have agency and to develop self-regulation skills and functional life skills, both within school and in the wider community. Parents, carers and staff all want the same thing, for our young people to be happy, to be safe, to be able to impact on the world around them and as young adults, to take advantage of the rich variety of experiences that life holds. We believe that Telstar offers this opportunity.