Positive Behaviour Support 

What Makes a Good Low Arousal Practitioner

Often challenging behaviour from a student can originate from ‘Us’ Not ‘Them’. Without realising we can inadvertently trigger situations. It is important for us after a crisis to become reflective practitioners so we learn and adapt. Low Arousal Approaches can really help with restraint reduction.

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Immediate Crisis Management

Appear calm

Slow down

Be aware of your breathing

Remove direct eye contact and physical contact

Reduce verbal and environmental demands


The Reflective Journey: A Practitioner's Guide to the Low Arousal Approach

Reflective Task:


The presentation talks a great deal about debriefing and emotional support for the staff as well as the students. This can often be difficult to achieve but is essential. Think of ideas that would make a good secure debriefing system that both supports the student and staff. Please consider all factors (staffing hour, class management, financial costs etc).

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