Attention Activities III

Reflective task:

Please watch these videos:

Your Challenge!

We would like to create an Attention Builder (stages 2 and 3) resource for St. Ann’s both with written instructions and videos. Please could you attempt to create one or more new attention builder activities based on what you have watched or using your own creative talent:

● Write a brief session plan, including what resources you will need and how you will present the activity to your class.

● Include the vocabulary you can reinforce during the session.

● What areas of the curriculum/learning does the activity target e.g. topics. Literacy, numeracy, PHSE, events/celebrations etc?

● What areas of communication and social interaction does the activity target e.g. turn taking, looking, listening.

● Bonus points! If you would like to have some fun at home, please video your ideas and activities and if you are happy for these to be saved on the school shared drive to inspire your colleagues, then please send them to me at .

Thank you and have fun!

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