Using Augmentative & Alternative Communication to support an individual’s communication
Please complete modules 1-3 in introduction to AAC section from the AAC Scotland website link below.

Then as many modules as you can from the Introduction to AAC and the AAC in Education sections. Modules 1-3 in section 1 give a good overview of communication and the different types of low and high tech AAC and a range of different AAC users’ opinions and experiences.

The modules allow you to read and/or listen to the presentation (by clicking on the sound button) – you will also need to click on speech bubbles, pictures, videos, links etc to get the full benefit from the modules. At the end of each module, please take the quiz and submit.

You will then need to request a certificate by completing the online form. The certificate will be emailed to you to share with Timmy and Mary at a later date.
Whilst completing the modules, please think about our students at St. Ann’s and make a note of any students you would like to trial a specific AAC communication method/aid with, or any questions you may have regarding a student’s current AAC support. Please feel free to email me any questions. I would also appreciate any feedback about the modules e.g. did you find them informative, relevant to our students etc.

Please click on the link below: