After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world – Philip Pullman 

What is a sensory story? 

● A sensory story is a story told using a combination of words and sensory experiences. The words and experiences are of equal value when conveying the narrative. 

● Originally developed for people with PMLD by Park & Grove and organisations such as BagBooks. 

● Simple, engaging, fun resource which can be used with a wide range of learners and enjoyed by everyone. 

● Sensory stories enable meaningful, whole class teaching at level that is appropriate for children with PMLD. (summarised from the book: Joanna Grace, Sensory Stories, for children and teens with Special Education Needs: a practical guide 2015) 

● Sensory stimulation and learning dominates every life. Cradle to grave, without exception. For special people it is the same but sensory stimulation should be a dominating and exciting feature of daily life and living. 

● Sensory stories offer a powerful voice of communication. Participants can have a strong voice, either active or passive, as long as the reader listens and positively interacts with their voice. 

● Sensory storytelling has no barriers – inclusive to everyone. 

● Carefully selected sensory items should encourage curiosity and exploration.

● There is no need for expensive purchases/packages – Items should cost little and be begged or borrowed! 

Part II How to make a sensory story