Let’s explore TaSSeLS & Canaan Barrie tactile signing systems. 

TaSSeLs – What is body signing? 

● A system of touch cues or adapted signs to help understanding, anticipation, and to alert the child that something is going to happen 

● For children who have complex needs, often with visual impairment, and require additional sensory feedback to help their learning 

● Includes a small number of basic, frequently used signs, and in addition the ‘alert’ sign, taken from Tassels (Tactile Signing for Sensory Learners) 

● Body signs are done in two different ways, according to the needs of the child: hand under hand, or on body 

● Hand under hand: 

● Non controlling- child can withdraw their hands at any time 

● ‘Mental activity is considered to be more likely to occur when the child is actively involved….than when the child is passive’ (Exner & Henderson, 1995) 

● Promotes the learners fullest participation and interaction 

● Encourages shared attention than passivity 

St. Ann’s Tactile Body Signs – work in progress 2020

Tactile Body Signing Part II