The goal is for supporting adults to help the individual to expand their “Circles of Communication” by meeting the person at their developmental level and building on their strengths. 

Floortime sessions take place in a calm environment. The therapist teaches the adult to join in the person’s activities and follow their lead and gradually engage them in increasingly complex interactions. Emphasis is on back-and-forth play. This builds the foundation for shared attention, engagement and problem-solving. Parents and therapists help the child/adult maintain focus to sharpen interactions and abstract, logical thinking e,g, If the child is tapping a toy truck, the parent might tap a toy car in the same way. The parent might then put the car in front of the child’s truck or add language to the game e.g. car, go. This encourages the child to respond and interact. As children grow, therapists and parents match the strategies with their child’s developing interests. They encourage higher levels of interaction, e.g. instead of playing with toy trucks, parents can engage with model airplanes or even curriculum ideas of special interest to the child. 

Families are encouraged to use Floortime principals in their day-to-day lives. 

Part III and Reflexive Task