Intensive Interaction

Intensive interaction involves the adult and child with complex learning and communication difficulties interacting through frequent, natural and fun-filled exchanges that promote basic communication skills. ( Hewitt, D 2006)

The target communication skills might include:

  • Enjoying being with another person.
  • Giving brief attention to another person
  • Sharing attention with another person
  • Taking turns with the child initiating and maintaining the ‘game’.
  • Using and understanding non-verbal communication, including eye-contact, facial expressions, finger-pointing, tone of voice, body language.
  • Using and understanding a range of vocalisations.
  • Understanding that their behaviour e.g. vocalisations, movements etc are important and have meaning, and that they can affect what is going on around them.

The following video shows an Intensive Interaction journey with Sam and Hayley over 11 minutes. It is a really good example of how it can have a positive impact in such a short period of time.

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