Positive Behaviour Part IV

Impact on families

Seeing challenging behaviour appear in your child is upsetting and can be hard to understand; families can feel very alone and unsure about how to support their child or what will happen in the future. The amount of information and support offered varies and can take a lot of effort to access. Families are often socially isolated and can be left out of family events, activities and places in the local community because of their family member’s behaviour.

Family carers describe feelings like stress, frustration, anger, guilt, shame and loneliness, or feel that no-one understands what they are going through. Carers’ physical health suffers and feeling low or stressed can sometimes lead to mental health problems like depression or anxiety. Relationships break down more often for people whose son or daughter’s behaviour challenges. Parents might not be able to work and extra money is needed if things get broken or equipment and adaptations are needed at home.

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