St Ann’s School is at the heart of it’s local community in Hanwell, situated in the west of the London Borough of Ealing. Initially opened in 1901 as an elementary school, St Ann’s has a proud tradition of ensuring that children and young people can access their birthright to a high quality education. 

This is never more so than now. St Ann’s is privileged to work with young people aged 11 to 19 years, who are not defined by their complex profound to severe learning difficulties but rather by who they are and their potential to learn and achieve. 

St Ann’s has a highly skilled, experienced and well trained multidisciplinary staff team that strives to provide excellence in all areas of daily practice. Staff have particular expertise in the areas of communication, social interaction, self regulation, positive behaviour management and therapeutic intervention.

Parents/Carers and families are actively encouraged to work in partnership with St Ann’s multi agency team to secure positive outcomes, always with an unrelenting focus on equipping students for their future adult lives. To this end there is a strong emphasis on learning in real life settings within St Ann’s vibrant local community.

St Ann’s offers a range of highly personalised curriculum pathways. Each pathway is fluid enough to respond to the needs of individual learners, and promote student engagement, enjoyment, confidence and the acquisition of functional skills. This is very much a student led approach which over time not only builds resilience, but also autonomy and empowerment so that each student knows that he/she can impact on the world around him/her and ‘make things happen’. 

St Ann’s task is to support, challenge and encourage each young person during this unique learning journey so that students are not merely ‘passengers’ in their own lives but active ‘co-pilots’ with a real zest for experiencing all aspects of life to the full!