We miss you!

Staff members wanted to let you know 
that we really miss you and we hope 
to see you really soon. Until then, stay safe!

Gillian, our head 

Huda from Neptune

Robina from Titan

Rachel, Art teacher

Sun from Moon

Pepe from Earth

Agnieszka from Ariel

Abid from Mercury

Sami from Mars

Slava from Venus


Alex and Vicente from Telstar

Nacho from Galaxy

Jo, Art teacher

Timmy, our deputy head

Jose from Jupiter

Heather from Ariel

Anuar from Saturn

Troy from Titan

 Mary and Coco

Noura from Mercury 

Karolina from Saturn​

St Ann's School
Headteacher: Gillian Carver

Springfield Road, Hanwell W7 3JP
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Phone: 02085676291 
Fax: 02088404664


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