Tac Pac

Tac Pac is a great resource to align the senses and develop communication skills. 

To use this set, you will need the following resources:

  • Wrapping paper which your receiver (and you ) likes
  • Empty plastic bottle which you can squeeze, like a shampoo or washing up liquid bottle
  • Water bottle, half to ¾ filled with water, glittery objects, beads or buttons which have a sound when they roll
  • Pompom ( the sort used by cheer leaders)
  • A scarf you can spread out to cover a wide area
  • A blanket for relaxation

Some tips which might help while preparing your objects:

  • Make sure your squeezy bottle is QUITE empty. Stand your shampoo or soap bottle upside down until the last bits have drained out.
  • You might like a big water bottle for your use, and a smaller bottle with a narrow “waist” for your receiver to handle during the activity. Fill ¾ of the bottle with water, leaving enough air so that when you rock and tip, the water makes a splashing sound. Put beads, glitter, buttons, and anything else which might float or scrape, into the bottle. Do this with both big and small bottles.

When using the scarf, use small movements of lifting, squeezing, lowering and moving in sequence and in time to the music. Spread the scarf under the receiver’s body. You might want to prepare 2 scarves under their body if moving in time is difficult. Remember your body patterning and stick to it. Consistency helps anticipation.