Multi Agencies

John Lyons

Senior Educational Social Worker

St Ann’s School is one of the few schools who employs their own educational social worker. John works closely with families to ensure our students’ well being and overcome barriers to their learning and access to school. He supports family on key issues such as transport, housing, grants.
 020 8567 6291

Perry McCammon

School Nurse 

St Ann’s  school nurse and two full time health care assistants offer specialised medical support and advice..  A consultant psychiatrist holds a termly clinic for parents and students in school.
020 8579 5958

Occupational Therapist

St Ann’s occupational therapists helped to develop our students functional skills and access students for special equipment.  Working with class teams, they develop sensory integration programmes.  The occupational therapists also advise on behavioural issues. The team will visit families at home and advise on home equipment.
020 8567 8764

Sarah Nicholls

Speech Language Therapist  

Our school Speech and Language Therapist, Sarah and 2 SLT assistants work alongside students, teaching staff and families to provide ongoing assessment, advice and training regarding finding the best ways to support and develop our students’ verbal and non verbal communication and understanding and increase communication opportunities throughout their daily activities.

They also support students with their eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties and needs ( dysphagia). Sarah Nicholls
020 8579 9621

Mary-Jo Middleton


Our school physiotherapist Mary -Jo  helps students to improve functional abilities such as standing up, walking or reaching. She designs and carries out physiotherapy programmes. Mary -Jo also develops programmes for class staff to carry out to try and prevent loss of movement. Mary – Jo will prescribe equipment such as walkers and standing frames.  She also advises on wheelchairs and liaises with the wheelchair service.  A health trust physiotherapist and assistant comes to school once a week.
020 8567 8764

Music Therapist

Gemma plays the piano and saxophone and sings, and is a member of the Health and Care Professions Council and the British Association for Music Therapy.

Interactive Poet

Philip uses names, words and improvised rhymes and rhythms and sounds to enrich listening and imagination. Finding joy in playful sounding encourages students to communicate and share, expressing themselves naturally to feel the magical support and warmth of friends, carers and teachers.